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Dynamic Protection Groups promise and commitment to you is to provide professional and highly trained officers for your private security needs. Our officers are active and retired law enforcement professionals who will put years of dedication, training and experience to work for you.

Checkout our new  app Overwatch

This application is limited to only members of the Dynamic Protection Group Team- It provides officers the ability to obtain and swap shifts. It allows them to clock in and out from the app while providing gps location for client verification. In addition it gives the officers the ability to communicate with fellow officers on the network. It also allows the officer to see the assignment as well as all details ranging from pay rate to specific tasks. The app also allows the officer to keep a record of their shifts and times. Officers are able to prepare an unusual occurrence report straight from the app.

Our Experience is Second to None

Dynamic Protection Group Inc. has more than 50 years of industry experience. Over the years we have created innovative and solution-driven services to well-renowned individuals, businesses, and events. All of our armed security guards are “off duty” or retired law enforcement professionals and have received extensive training to ensure your safety. We seek to provide premium security services at the most competitive rates in the market.

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